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Air content of mortar – density method


Steel measure

Brand : Controls – Italy

Standard : ASTM C185 | AASHTO T137

Kode Barang : 62-L0048


Used as a density method for the determination of the air content of freshly mixed mortars. Made of steel, 88.1 mm height x 76.2 mm internal diameter, it is calibrated to contain 400 ± 1 ml of water at 23°C.

– Capacity: 400 ml
– Weight: 800 g (approx.)

62-D1635 Chattaway spatula, made from pure nickel, 120 mm long.
63-L2700/E24 Glass plate, 120 mm diameter.
63-L0040/11 Hardwood tamper 12 x 25 x 150 mm.

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