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Alat Uji Daktilitas Aspal dengan Fitur Pendukung Penelitian


Research Ductilometer for Force Ductility Test on Standard and Modified Bitumen – DUCTIMETER

Merk/Di suplai dari : Controls – Italy

Kode Barang : 81-PV10C12

Standard : ASTM D113, EN 13398, AASHTO T51, ASTM D6084, AASHTO T300, EN 13589, EN 13703


Machine control by PC with dedicated sofware (PC not included)
Thermostatically controlled
water bath temperature
From -10 to 60°C with water chiller.
PID closed-loop control
Temperature control system Heater and cooling coil for connection to cold water or water chiller
Structure Extensive use of stainless steel for frame, tank, cooling coil and cover
Briquettes capacity 4
Max carriage travel 1500 mm
Testing speed Adjustable from 1 to 200 mm/min
Elongation measurement by Optical system
Max. load and tension load measurement 2000 N (4 x 500 N) by load cells
Tension load/elongation graph Real-time graphs by PC
Carriage return speed 500 mm/min
Power rating (approx.) 1200 W
Transparent cover Included
Overall dimensions (l x d x h) 2434 x 412 x 385 mm
Weight approx. 100 kg


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