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Alat Uji Hammer Test – Digital


Digital rebound test hammer

Brand : Controls – Italia

Model : 58 – C0181/DGT

User programmable digital concrete hammer (1 Unit)
Standard : EN 12504 : Part 2, ASTM C 805, BS 1881:202, NF P18-417, DIN 1048, UNI 9189

Main Features :

– In built test procedure conforming to EN 12504-2 and ASTM C805
– Possibility to create customized test procedures
– Storage capacity 2 Mb
– Saving, displaying and downloading data to PC via USB port
– PC software included
– Power supply: integrated rechargeable lithium ion battery 1600 mAh capacity
– Indication of the exact impact angle through internal triaxial inclinometer
– Multiple correlations between rebound value and compressive strength
– Programmable user defined algorithms
– Automatic conversion of rebound value to equivalent compression strength as N/mm2, MPa, kg/cm2, psi
– Calculation of averages and standard deviations; discard of outliers
– Automatic verification of conformity to Standards
– Battery life under continuous operation more than of 10 hours

Spesifications :

– The rebound hammers measure the rebound of an anvil impacting a plunger in contact with the concrete surface. In this advanced instruments the rebound value is calculated with an innovative technology taking into account the anvil speed before and after the impact.
– The rebound value is a measure of the concrete surface hardness.

Advantages :

– higher accuracy and stability of the readings not affected by wear and tear
– setting of the impact angle no longer required
– easier calibration procedure

Technical specifications :

– Impact energy: 2.207 Nm
– Measuring range: from 10 to 100 N/mm2
– high-contrast graphic display 128 x 64 pixels and 6 soft keys membrane keyboard
– results are displayed as numerical and graphical format
– USB port
– case dimensions: 280 x 100 x 390 mm
– Weight: 2 kg approx.


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