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Alat Uji “Konsolidasi tanah” Otomatis


ACE – Automatic Computerized Oedometer

Brand : Controls – Italia

Main Features :

  • Fully automatic PC-controlled test execution
  • Three  conditions for the automatic switch to the next step are available: time, swelling, rate of secondary consolidation.
  • Testing can continue 24 hours a day, 7 days a week without interruption giving greater throughput of tests with a considerable cost decrease
  • Automated loading eliminates negative factors such as operator error and manual handling of dead weights
  • 15kN maximum loading capacity, 10mm travel displacement transducer
  • Real-time data and graph display
  • Single ACE software installation controls up to 60 units
  • Test management software supplied including calibration facility
  • High speed LAN network communication

General Descriptions :

The oedometer consolidation test is used to determine the rate and magnitude of consolidation of a soil specimen restrained laterally and subjected to a number of successive increments of vertical load.
In this automatic model, the incremental loading is fully automatic in load (stress) or swelling (strain) modes, and offers a practical and accurate way to execute a test with reliable test results.
The ACE unit, along with theSHEARMATIC Automatic shear testing machine and AUTOTRIAX Automatic triaxial test systems, makes up a range of unique equipment for providing complete automation of the Soil Mechanics laboratory.
The ACE (Automatic Computerized oEdometer) consists of a small and compact load frame housing two coaxial pneumatic cylinders: the smaller one for low loads and the other for higher loads, with automatic switching from one to the other when needed. There are two analogue channels: one for the displacement transducer and the other for the load cell with closed-loop feedback, which controls application of the required pressure using a high precision pneumatic servo-actuator. Test parameters are pre-programmed and saved in the ACE software by the operator, including the test end, which can be programmed on a time or increment basis. The software can control up to 60 ACE units from a single PC, giving the operator the choice of controlling single or multiple units.
Once the software is installed (supplied) with the first ACE unit, it is possible to extend the control of further units just by enabling the communication without additional interventions and costs: an IP address is given to each unit for the LAN communication: system modularity is ensured for subsequent integrations.

Specifications :

  • Maximum vertical force: 15kN
  • Load cell capacity: 15kN
  • Displacement transducer: 10mm maximum travel
  • Maximum air pressure supply: 10 bar. (If the air pressure source is not available in the laboratory, our air compressor model 86-D2015, 50l capacity may be used.
  • Specimen size: from 50.47 to 112.80mm diameter using our consolidation cells. See Accessories.
  • Software: can control up to 60 ACE units (not included, see Accessories)
  • PC connection: LAN cable (included)
  • Measurement accuracy: better than ±1%
  • Overall dimensions: 280x300x 600mm (w x dx h)
  • Weight: 25kg (approx.)

Price : Call For Info

Informasi Produk :


Hp. 0811 188 6845

Email : naysite2@gmail.com;

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