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Biological Safety Cabinet Class II A2


Biological Safety Cabinet Class II A2

Brand : Thermo Scientific-Heraeus – Germany

Model : KS 12


Specification :  

–              Class 2 Safety Cabinet, EN 12469

–              Aerosol tight, motor-driven front window with laminated safety glass handheld controller to

operate the Cabinet

–              The window height can be easily adjusted with only a finger tip.

–              Aerosol-tight window sealing offers additional personnel and sample protection when the

biological safety cabinet is set to stand-by mode.

–              Pressure sensor monitoring ensures safe airflow across the entire work surface of cabinets.

–              Independent alarm systems immediately alerts to any airflow obstruction.

–              Interior eye level dispay at the rear wall of safety cabinets allows

convenient “at a glance” monitoring of safety parameters, including:

  • Performance Factor “PER”*
  • downflow air velocity
  • cabinet malfunctions
  • time of day
  • operating time of optional UV-C lights
  • total operating hours
  • timer for delayed start
  • stop-watch function

–              The display of the ‘PER’Performance Factor, advises the current Safety status using a relative

measure that considers air flow, operating time & filter status thus allowing an effective maintenance


–              Performance factor “PER” provides important information on the cabinets’current

safety performance:

  • 60-100, cabinet is safe
  • 30-59, cabinet is safe but time for service
  • 0-29, cabinet should not be used

–              The transparent side glass windows maximize light & visibility inside the cabinet, providing a bright

and open working environment.

–              The hinged front window can be fully opened for easy & thorough cleaning of all interior surfaces.

Rounded edges inside the cabinet facilitate effective disinfection and maximize contamination


–              Powerful cross beam UV-irradiation in both side walls (optional) illuminates the entire working area

without causing shadows. This ensures thorough

disinfection of the complete chamber for maximum sample protection.

The cabinet complete with DC motor technology that designed to use energy in

an efficient manner, not only consuming less energy to operate the unit, but

emitting less heat back into the lab.

–              Combined with the Night-Set-Back mode (reduced blower speed when the

window is closed), this safety cabinet consume hundreds of kilowatts less

energy than any other cabinets


–              External dimension: 1300/1586/800 w/h/d mm

–              Internal Dimension: 1200/780/465 w/h/d mm

–              Work aperture: 250 mm

–              Weight: Approx. 200 kg

–              Exhaust/inflow air volume EN models: 490 m3/h

–              Exhaust/inflow air volume NSF models:  341 m3/h

–              Exhaust volume, thimble connection EN models: 637 m3/h

–              Exhaust volume thimble connection NSF models: 444 CFM

–              Heat emission at 25°C room temperature: 210W / 717 Btu/hr (Operation mode)

–              Heat emission at 25°C room temperature: 40W / 136 Btu/hr (Reduced flow mode)

–              Air circulation/exhaust air filter: H 14 HEPA (EN 1822), 99.995% at the most

penetrating particle size (MPPS)

–              Lighting power : >850 lx

–              Voltage: 230V, 50 Hz

–              Energy consumption: 210 W, 7.3 A (EN 12469 Model) or 275 W, 7.3 A (NSF 49 Model)

–              Energy consumption, reduced flow mode: 40 Watt


Including :

–              UV Light

–              UPS

–              Manual Book

–              Manual adjustable floor stand 1.2 m



Price : Call For Info


Hp. 0811 188 6845;

 – 0818 0816 0634(WA)

Email : naysite2@gmail.com;


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