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Emulsified asphalt distillation apparatus


Emulsified asphalt distillation apparatus

Brand/Supplied From : Controls – Italia

Standard : ASTM D244 | AASHTO T59 | EN 1431 | ASTM D6997

Kode Barang : 81-B0153

Gneral Descriptions:

Used to examine the asphalt emulsions composed principally of a semi-solid or liquid asphaltic base, water and an emulsified agent. The apparatus consists of an aluminium-alloy still with ring burner, a glass connecting tube with water-cooled condenser, a graduated cylinder 100 ml cap, support stands, holders and two thermometers range -2 to 300°C.

  • Weight approx.: 9 kg

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Emulsified asphalt distillation apparatus
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